ESO put into operation two power lines of common European interest, implemented with attracted co-financing from European funds

Construction of internal power lines 400 kV Maritsa East - Burgas and Maritsa East - switchyard of TPP Maritsa East 3 was finalized and facilities put into operation

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The internal 400 kV power line between Maritsa Iztok and Bourgas, the construction of which will begin in May 2019, with a length of 150 km and connecting the Maritsa Iztok substation with the Bourgas substation. It is part of the design group "Bulgaria - Greece", which is of common interest, according to Regulation 347/2013. The power line is of key importance for the realization of the priority electricity consumer "North - South" and for the construction of the trans-European energy infrastructure. It is of system-wide importance for the Republic of Bulgaria and will increase the security of operation in the electricity transmission system. This was announced in the new issue of the magazine "Energy-Electric Perspectives".

For the construction of a domestic airline, ESO attracts free European funding of BGN 60 million from the Connecting Europe Facility. The route of the new 400 kV power line named "San Stefano" passes through the territory of eight municipalities Galabovo, Topolovgrad, Tundzha, Elhovo, Straldzha, Karnobat, Kameno and Burgas.

Such an infrastructure project in the electricity transmission system in Bulgaria has not been implemented for 50 years. The power line is one of five projects of common European interest for the construction of 465 km of new 400 kV power lines and the expansion of four substations in the country with a total investment value of 490 million. BGN 180 million, of which BGN 180 million free co-financing from the European Connecting Europe Facility and BGN 30 million. BGN from the Kozloduy International Fund.

ESO completes and puts into operation an internal 400 kV power line between the substation "Maritsa East" to the open distribution system of TPP Maritsa East 3.

Three other projects of common European interest, implemented by ESO, are at an advanced stage of implementation and envisage their commissioning. By the middle of 2021, a 400 kV internal power line will be put into operation, connecting the Bourgas substation with the Varna substation, which is 90% completed.

In 2020, ESO represents progress and construction of an internal 400 kV power line between the Plovdiv substation and the Maritsa Iztok substation with the execution of over 60% of the construction and installation works. At the beginning of 2020 the company starts the implementation of the project for the fifth of common European interest - construction of a Bulgarian section of the 400 kV interconnector, connecting the Maritsa East substation in Bulgaria and the Nea Santa substation in Greece. ESO has managed to attract a grant of 58 million BGN from the Connecting Europe Facility for realization of the facilities on the territory of Bulgaria. In one year, ESO performs over 50% of the construction and installation works in the power line, and the facilities for its connection in the substation "Maritsa East" are fully completed. The commissioning of a 400-kilometer interconnection is planned for 2022.

The implementation of the five 400 kilovolt power lines of common interest for the creation of trans-European infrastructure will increase the electricity transmission capacity of the Bulgarian-Greek and Bulgarian-Romanian borders in order to ensure the supply of electricity in the region and will create successful operation of market associations



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