An interactive graph shows the current problems of TPP Maritsa East 2

Environmental organizations are signaling a contradiction between Galabovo's clean air program and the new permits for coal-fired power plants in the region

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An interactive graphic about the problems of the state "TPP Maritsa East 2" was presented yesterday by the environmental protection organizations "Greenpeace" - Bulgaria and the environmental association "For the Earth". They asked the Supreme Administrative Court to refer the matter to the Court of Justice of the European Union. This happened on April 7, at the first meeting on the case of the so-called exceptions to the air standards given to TPP Maritsa East 2, which reached the second instance. The practice is standard when an interpretation of European law is required to resolve the case. In this case, it is important to clarify how the legal framework for clean air and the operating conditions of power plants relate.

On the day of the Greenpeace case, Bulgaria visually presented most of the challenges that TPP Maritsa East 2 failed to address. "We have created an interactive schedule with hotspots that highlight the environmental and financial problems of the plant. Unfortunately, the negatives that TPP Maritsa East 2 brings with its work are not only for the environment and human health. With it, we touch on both history and the huge debts that accumulate year after year, "said Meglena Antonova, campaign manager at Greenpeace - Bulgaria. For some of the calculations in the chart, the environmental organization takes data from official documents and reports on the plant's website and makes a study of the technical and economic situation and problems of the power plant. The data will be constantly updated.

The reason for the request to the Court of Justice of the EU was the contradiction between Galabovo's Clean Air Program and the new permits of the coal-fired power plants in the region, including "TPP Maritsa East 2". The strategic document aims to deal with excessive pollution in the region, but the institutions treat it as another pro forma strategy. In addition to the state power plant, the Executive Environment Agency (EEA) has allowed TPP AES Maritsa East 1 and TPP ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 to also operate in violation of the clean air program in Galabovo *, and currently the EEA considers such a request from TPP "Brickel".

Coal-fired power plants are operating less and less, and this can be seen in the data from the Electricity System Operator. The decline reported in 2020 is mainly due to the limited activity of TPP Maritsa East 2.

Due to its expensive electricity, the state power plant would probably work even less if it were not for the obligation to sell part of the electricity produced to household consumers. "TPP Maritsa East 2" continues to operate only because of the solid unregulated state aid, which, according to our calculations, amounts to almost 1.5 billion levs, environmental organizations claim.

In front of TPP Maritsa East 2 there are two ways to the inevitable closure - one is to make a clear plan for overcoming the coal age, compensation and employment programs aimed at workers at the plant, land rehabilitation, and the other is to make it happen chaotically. In the second option, the entire burden of short-sighted policy will fall on the shoulders of those employed in the sector and those living in the area.



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