The State Agency for National Security also inspects BEH and the construction of the gas connection with Greece

The inspection is routine, explained the head of the holding Valentin Nikolov

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The State Agency for National Security (SANS) is checking documents related to the construction of the Bulgarian-Greek gas connection. The inspection started last week, BNR reported, citing source owners. The agency did not confirm this information, but did not deny it.

BEH was succinct, stating that there is no extraordinary inspection in the holding at the moment, apart from the regular ones and on a signal. "Bulgarian Energy Holding" EAD has always worked and assisted the inspecting state institutions, providing them with the necessary information, the announcement of BEH reads.

SANS first entered on Wednesday, June 23, when they requested information about certain transactions. Yesterday and today, SANS agents are working in BEH again, but this time they are calmly checking the security of the official information stored in the holding. The inspection is Rumen Petkov's signal for the construction of the gas connection with Greece to Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov, who was sent to the agency. Rashkov himself announced last week that he would check the signal for the construction of the gas interconnector.

Even then, the project company ICGB stated that they provide full cooperation to the relevant authorities in connection with the inspection and will provide in a timely manner any requested information and documentation on the implementation of the project for the interconnector with Greece. The activity of the project company for project management is carried out in synchrony with the Bulgarian and European legislation and meets the highest standards, the company said.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Andrei Zhivkov inspected the pipeline, announcing that 100km of the pipeline had already been completed. The company is making progress on the rest of the project. At the moment, the timely construction of the pipeline along Studen Kladenets Dam and Maritsa River is of key importance for the interconnector. The project contractor has given guarantees that the entire route of the gas pipeline will be completed within this year.

Before Nova TV, the executive director of BEH Valentin Nikolov commented that this is a routine inspection by SANS. A signal check is also being made, he explained briefly.



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