An international green energy forum will be held in Bulgaria

The forum "Business and power - together for clean energy" is part of the campaign "Yes! On the Bulgarian green economy"

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Source: Solar Academy

Bulgaria will host an international green energy forum organized by Standard Media, Solar Academy Bulgaria Association and M3 Communications Group, Inc, which will kick off the new year with the first of a series of events, part of the campaign “Yes!. On the Bulgarian green economy". The event will be held on February 9 (Thursday) at 11:00 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency Sofia, Vasil Levski Hall 3. The forum "Business and Power - Together for Clean Energy" will present not only the problems in the energy sector, but also bring together one place of power, business and experts to offer the best and most effective solutions.

The forum comes at a time when Bulgaria should chart its path to energy independence. And it can be best illustrated precisely by business, the engine of the country's economic rise, on the one hand, and by the representatives of the authorities responsible for the realization of this diversification. The event will bring together ministers, chairmen of parliamentary committees, MPs, MEPs, representatives of municipalities, organizations, associations, the scientific community and business in one place with the aim of providing sustainable solutions in the field of energy, the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, entrepreneurship and sustainable development .

Among the participants in the forum are Rosen Hristov - Minister of Energy, Rositsa Karamfilova - Minister of Environment and Water, Ivan Shishkov - Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Iskra Mihailova - Vice-Chairman of the "Renew Europe" group in the European Parliament and MEP, Dr. Eng. Veselin Todorov - Chairman of the Association "Solar Academy Bulgaria" and Tsvetan Simeonov - Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More energy experts from political parties will take part in the forum, including Ramadan Atalay, Stanislav Anastasov, Delyan Dobrev, Dragomir Stoynev, Ivo Mirchev, Martin Dimitrov, Venko Sabrutev and Iskra Mihailova. The participants in the forum will discuss policies and measures for decarbonization and the removal of administrative barriers to investments in new technologies, as well as propose specific reforms and mechanisms to ensure energy for Bulgarian consumers.

The event will take place in two main sections - "Administrative obstacles in Bulgaria, practices in Europe, Energy strategy, Green transition" and "Financing". Within the framework of the first panel, the possibilities for changes in the legislative framework will be discussed, as well as the energy strategy of Bulgaria will be discussed in depth, in the sense of which sustainable energy development, increasing energy efficiency, use and development of energy from renewable sources through innovative technologies. Emphasis in the discussion will also be placed on the green transition that we strive for as an EU member state. Are we ready for it and, more importantly, can we make it happen are some of the questions we will seek answers to together. The second panel of the forum will present the funding opportunities at the national and European level. In it, the main emphasis will be on the programs and ways of their effective implementation.

The event is held with the support of Bauer Solar and EcoGlobe.




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