Petkov: The budget update must be adopted before the forthcoming dissolution of parliament

The ceiling of the BDB loans stopped the allocation of BGN 42.5 billion to large enterprises, it became clear from his words

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The Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov expressed hope, but also a request to the deputies, that the procedure for updating the budget, which started this week, will be completed before the forthcoming dissolution of the current parliament. "I very much hope that this budget will be adopted. Anything else would be absolute irresponsibility. I even beg all political parties, regardless of the fact that elections will obviously come, to tighten up and accept the responsible decision that this budget must be adopted before this National Assembly is dissolved, "Petkov said in an interview with BNR.

It also became clear from his words that with the introduction of a ceiling of BGN 5 million when granting a loan and the change in the Supervisory Board of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB), the distribution of about BGN 42.5 billion in loans to large companies was stopped. Petkov explained that during the changes introduced on his initiative in the bank, a procedure was underway for granting 850 loans with an average amount of over BGN 50 million. According to him, the distribution of these amounts was stopped just before what happened is more important than the revelations made about how BDB worked before. Petkov also believes that with the introduction of the limit on the amount of a loan granted by the bank, there are those who have reacted.



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