State Energy Regulatory Commission Discusses Ten Year Development Plan for Bulgartransgaz

A public discussion of a ten-year development plan for Bulgartransgaz for the 2019 - 2028 period was held on Tuesday by the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC).

The plan prioritizes the extension of gas transmission infrastructure in the Bulgarian-Turkish section and to the Bulgarian-Serbian border and maintenance of technically sound, reliable and efficient basic and auxiliary gas infrastructure. For this period, modernization, rehabilitation and extension of gas transmission networks and facilities are envisaged. The plan includes development of system interconnection and expansion of natural gas storage capacity.

In the 2019-2028 period, new interconnections with neighboring countries will be built and put into operation. According to the plans, Bulgaria will pass through key cross-border gas pipelines, which will be connected to the existing Bulgartransgaz gas transmission system. Thus, Bulgaria's gas infrastructure will connect the European gas market to the markets of the Caspian region, Central Asia, the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean Basin and North Africa. This would ensure supply of natural gas to the country and the region, creating conditions for the diversification of sources and routes for the supply of natural gas to and through Bulgaria, Bulgartransgaz explained.

The implementattion of all these projects is interdependent, aiming to contribute to the efficiency and development of a single pan-European gas network.

The construction of new pipeline diversions is a priority investment for Bulgartransgaz, as it will create conditions for accelerating the gasification in the country and bring economic, social, environmental and other benefits to the local population.

The implementation of the current plan is expected to increase the quality and volume of services provided by Bulgartransgaz, related to the transport and storage of natural gas anddirectly contributes to establishing Bulgaria as a significant regional gas hub.

The plan will be adopted at a private SEWRC meeting on August 8.

Source: BTA

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