Shortage of More than 500 High-skilled Workers Expected in Electric Mobility Sector in 2018

Source: bta

The electric mobility sector in Bulgaria is expected to experience shortage of more than 500 high-skilled workers in 2018, reads one of the conclusions of a discussion of the steering group with the national Electric Mobility Trade Association (EMTA) held Thursday in the building of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), BIA said in a press release.

So far more than 106 students have successfully completed secondary school training in electric mobility. As of September 2017 the subject is taught in four vocational schools and the classes are full. Two major problems are the absence of proper facilities and teachers' qualifications.

An MA programme in electric mobility is taught in three establishments of higher education. So far more than 30 graduates have earned their degrees and have jobs in electric mobility.

BIA's Centre for Vocational Training too has trainings in electric mobility subjects for working adults. WIFI Bulgaria, a training institute affiliated with the Federation of Austrian Industries, will too aid the trainings. This year WIFI and EMTA signed a cooperation memorandum. The institute has more than 32,000 training topics.

In 2018 electric mobility training will be offered in three other vocational schools and one more university.

Source: BTA

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