Road Toll System to Generate Far More Funds for Investment in Road Infrastructure

Source: БТА

The introduction of electronic vignettes for cars as from January 1, 2019 and of electronic road tolls for vehicles heavier than 3.5 tonnes gross weight as from August 16, 2019 is a new financial model that will make it possible to generate far more funds for the development of the road infrastructure, Road Infrastructure Agency Management Board member Vesselin Davidov told a working meeting in Bansko (Southwestern Bulgaria), organized by the World Bank, Davidov's Agency said in a press release on Thursday.

After the World Bank finalizes the options for tolling and the scope of the system, the projects will be considered and discussed with carriers and will be presented to the public.

Davidov stressed that the introduction of the road toll system is expected to increase substantially the revenues collected mainly from heavy-duty vehicles. He said that the system will cover mainly the motorways, express roads and transit routes. Its scope will gradually expand to include the roads in a good repair. The expert noted that the financial receipts from the toll system will provide far more money for investment in the development of the national road network. Unlike vignette charges, the revenues from the toll system will be investable in new construction as well, he added.

Source: BTA

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