New brand for designer wetsuits launches its first collection

Bold color combinations, attractive design and possibility for production of unique models are part of Alooppa distinctive features

Source: Alooppa
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Alooppa – a new brand for designer wetsuits, launches its first collection. It is focused on women wetsuits for warm weather and also includes men neoprene jackets. Gradually, the assortment will be expanded with other water sports products.

Wetsuits are part of the equipment for many water sports. Activities as kitesurfing, sup, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding have witnessed a significant development in recent years, and the number of people who practice them is growing. The expectations are that the global market for products related to those sports will grow in the long run.

The concept of Alooppa is based on the transformation of the traditional wetsuit into a fashionable clothing tailored to people with individual style. Distinctive features of the brand are bold color combinations and attractive designs. The brand accents also on the uniqueness. It plans to offer a wide variety of models in limited series and the possibility for production of unique models on customer request. Alooppa also develops proprietary patterns and designs. Functionality is another feature the brand emphasizes on - through comfortable cuts, high quality materials and possibility for customized production based on individual body measures.

At the moment Alooppa offers 4 women and 1 men models for warm weather in a total of 14 different color combinations. Its products can be purchased from the brand online store Soon the brand will launch a sales program based on co-operation with water sports shops and ambassadors.

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