The National Revenue Agency warns of fake emails on her behalf

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The National Revenue Agency (NRA) warns of new distribution of fake emails on behalf of the NRA. They are sent by a person posing as the main public contractor Albena Borisova with e-mail: and contain a notice of "electronic seizure" for outstanding debts.

The letters invite their recipients to open an attachment containing information on "the electronic attachment imposed, as well as the methods of payment and the specific bank accounts".

The e-mail address from which the messages are sent strongly resembles the e-mail address of the NRA, with the significant difference being in the domain.

The NRA warns that this is a classic form of "phishing" attack, which aims to try to steal funds and personal information from the Internet - usernames for access, passwords, bank accounts, etc.

The text of the next fake e-mails reads:


We hereby inform you that according to the data of the National Revenue Agency there is still no full repayment of an obligation, with which we inform you that due to the lack of voluntary performance on your part you need to be seized with this e-mail. Electronic seizure is imposed under Article 450a of the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC). Detailed information about the electronic seizure imposed on you, as well as the methods of payment and the specific bank accounts can be found in the attached file. The arrest notice, as well as all other messages related to the imposition, execution and lifting of the attachment shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee from the moment of opening the email. "



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