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Investment projects in e-government are worth BGN 100 Mln

The objectives include enabling Bulgarians to work and study, receive health care services via Internet

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26-09-2011 03:22:31

Investment projects in the field of e-government are worth 100 million leva, mainly European funding, Transport, Information Technology and Communications Minister Ivailo Moskovski said at Monday's opening of a seminar on the subject of a programme in the field of digital technologies for Europe, Moskovski's ministry said.



The participants in the seminar, in the North Central city of Pleven, were addressed by Florin Lupescu, Principal Adviser at the Information Society and Media Directorate-General with the European Commission. The objectives of the ministry include enabling Bulgarians to work and study, receive health care services via Internet, regardless of where they are, as well as to lift administrative encumbrance from business.



To achieve progress - not only empty promises - the ministry has focused in two directions - modern electronic communication networks across the country (not only in the cities), as well as accessible and secure electronic services, Moskovski said. The minister quoted the recent electronic census of the population in Europe (nearly half of the households) as a tangible result in the field of digital technology. Companies have begun to submit annual financial statements at one place, not at three as until now and 75 per cent submit tax statements online.



By 2012 the systems developed at the individual institutions - regions, municipalities, health care, tax administration, police - which relate to services for the population will begin to communicate with each other, Moskovski added. The seminar is organised by the Permanent Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria, Moskovski's ministry and the administration of Pleven Region.
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