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Over 99% of customers of EVN Bulgaria receive free SMS and email before discontinuation due to failure to pay on time

More than 24 000 customers of EVN Bulgaria have subscribed to the free service, which saves cost for re-access

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17-02-2014 07:39:00

Almost 100% efficiency shows service of EVN Bulgaria for free alerts by SMS or email before outages due to outstanding payments. The company sends 1000 monthly average warning messages of impending disconnection for failure to pay on time. Of these, only in 70 cases on average there is dicontinuation of supplies, which is 0.3 % of 24,000 customers that subscribed for the free service. This shows the high efficiency of the service under 99.7 % of the subscribed customers.

Subscribing for the service that is offered since the beginning of 2013, customers will receive SMS notifications or email at least 3 days before the interruption of supply in case they missed deadlines for payment. The service is free for all customers of EVN Bulgaria, regardless of their mobile provider.

Subscribing for the service is carried out by filling of following data in a declaration:

• Name of the customer

• ITN (measuring point number)

• a valid email or mobile phone number (for customers of all mobile operators in the country)

In order to ensure the reliability of the data, it is necessary account holder (or authorized person) to submit a filled declaration in one of EVN offices. As an additional option with the same declaration customers have the opportunity to both subscribe the convenient services for a monthly obtaining information via SMS or email on the value of consumed electricity. Declaration can be found at:


EVN Bulgaria reminds that the established deadlines for payment of electricity bills are:

• I group of customers - from 1st to 15th day of the month

• II group of customers - from 11th to 25th of the month.

Each customer can be informed of their period of previous invoices for the electricity and use the 0/24 phone - 0700 7777 1. After the expiration of the official deadline for payment, the company enables its customers to pay their electricity bills in 10 -day period in which statutory interest for late payment is calculated. Power discontinuation due to unpaid invoice isn’t implemented during holidays and weekends.

EVN Bulgaria

Call center 24 hours a day

0700 1 0007 - emergency phone

0700 1 7777 - phone for general information and inquiries

0700 1 0207 - phone for automatic checking of the account

Email: info@evn.bg


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