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State Lottery and Totalizator Merge

The amendments to the Gambling Act were proposed by MPs of GERB

3E news
20-04-2011 01:44:52
The State Lottery and the Bulgarian Sport Totalizator are merging by amendments to the Gambling Act adopted conclusively by Parliament on Wednesday.



The amendments were proposed by MPs of GERB. Cash gains from gambling games will be limited to 15,000 leva, down from the current threashold of 30,000 leva. The permits for organizing gambling games which have been issued by the State Lottery will remain in effect until they expire, and nothing will be charged for their extention.



The authors of the amendments reasoned that the merger will result in the establishment of a consolidated state gambling operator whose main task is to support sport and physical education. They expect to see the results of the restructuring in the second half of 2011.

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