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Electricity traders demand not to pay for green energy exports

UDF leader urges for swift adoption of the new law

3E news
18-03-2011 10:26:57

Traders don’t have to pay electricity fee for green energy exports, "Coalition for Bulgaria" lawmaker and former Energy Minister Rumen Ovcharov said during the discussions on the new law on renewable energy.



Ovcharov proposes the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission to adopt a methodology for compensating the difference between market and preferential price. Ovcharov said that the new fee will increase the price of exported electricity with 1-2 stotinki per MWh.



The Chairman of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Committee Angel Semerdzhiev told 3E that currently electricity traders pay green energy cost in the transmission price.



Martin Dimitrov, chairman of the Economic and Energy Committee, urged for swift adoption of the new law. The European Commission warned that it would open infringement procedure against Bulgaria if the law is not voted in Parliament by the end of March.

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