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Dobrich municipalities cannot agree on new landfill

200 000 people in the area will benefit from environmental waste disposal, Minister Karadjova said

3E news
19-06-2011 02:31:08
Dobrich municipalities cannot agree where to build a new regional landfill The stalemate became clear after the meeting at the Ministry of Environment and Water (MEW) between representatives of the nine municipalities included in the regional association to build a waste management system for in the region – Dobrich, Dobrichka, Tervel, Nikola Kozlevo, Krushari, Kavarna, Shabla, General Toshevo and Balchik), the press office of the ministry said..



The municipal council of Dobrichka municipality did not grant Dobrich municipality property rights to build a 50 acres landfill near Stojer village. According to the councillors the request is not in the interest of Dobrichka residents.



The regional landfill in Dobrich is one of 23 landfills, financed by Operational Programme "Environment". Karadjova warned that the European Union will not invest in waste management in Bulgaria during the next programming period and therefore the municipalities now have to find reasonable solutions. The environmental minister said that 200 000 people in the region will benefit from environmental waste disposal.

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