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Labour Minister Has Secured Money for Increase of Minimum Wages

From July 1 the minimum wage will raise to 270 leva

3E news
01-04-2011 04:37:52
Speaking to journalists on Friday, Labour Minister Totyu Mladenov said that he has secured the money needed to raise the minimum wage from 240 at 270 leva from July 1. There has been talk of an increase of the minimum wage for some time now, with the idea obviously getting support from the Labour Minister and the unions.



Several days ago Finance Minister Simeon Djankov reiterated his position that the national budget has no money for such an increase and urged the Labour Minister to find money himself if he wants the wage raise. "I have fulfilled my commitment to Finance Minister Simeon Djankov by finding the 7.5 million leva that are necessary," said Mladenov. He was speaking to the press during an inspection of a construction site on Sofia's ringroad.



In 2010, the Chief Labour Inspectorate collected 5 million leva in fines. Between January and March 2011, revenues from fines were over 3 million leva, Mladenov said. In the past month, the Inspectorate and the National Revenue Agency carried out over 500 joint checks whether rules regarding employment contracts and regular payment of wages, contributions and taxes are observed During Friday's check of the construction site, twenty workers were found to be working without labour contracts.



They were not insured against occupation accidents, which carries a fine of between 1,500 and 15,000 leva. In some cases, workers declared wages of 330 leva for an eight-hour working day, while they were insured towards half 180 lv at four-hour day.

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