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New waste management law must make Bulgaria a "recycling society"

Municipalities will have to process at least 50% of the household and 70% of the construction waste

3E news
11-04-2011 06:10:38

The Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water published for public comment the first working draft of a new law on waste management, as well as discussion of  topics associated with it, the ministry said.



The new law will require municipalities in 2020 to recycle at least 50 percent of their household waste and at least 70 percent of the construction waste. The document introduces five-level  hierarchy of waste management as the highest importance in it is waste prevention, followed by reuse, recycling, recovery for generation of energy and disposal.



Among the topics for discussion by the Ministry is the one for introduction of deposit system for widespread waste, which must  improve the collection and achieve a higher level of reuse, as well as whether it is technically feasible and economically viable by 2015 to be introduced the separate collection of paper, metal, plastics and glass, both from households and from commercial establishments and industry. The deadline for comments and recommendations on the proposed text  April 21.

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