Ways Technology Is Changing the Oil, Mining, and Gas Industries

Source: techdigg.com

By Vamien McKalin, techdigg.com

Technological improvements have caused for major changes in world economy, and that’s never going to change. We now live in a world where it’s not possible for million to live without technology, and that’s both good and bad, but it depends on how one looks at it.

One of the major mistakes made by some industry pundits is that technology won’t touch some industries such as oil, gas, and mining. But this is not the truth, for technology has affected these industries in positive ways

Improvements to seismic testing

Usually, companies were forced to use cables to do their seismic testing, but they don’t have to any longer. Today, companies have the option of using sensors, computers, and wireless communication to get the job done. Furthermore, going this route isn’t only faster, but cheaper as well, and with fewer errors.

Well-drilling is also another aspect where manual labor is going down the gutter. As it stands, blue collar workers are being replaced by computers, and we expect this to slither elsewhere in the years to come.

Faster drilling with better oil extractors

The oil market today is not what it used to be 10 years ago. Prices have fallen a great deal ever since the Russians took Crimea from Ukraine. It means oil and gas companies must seek ways to keep profit margins steady, and technology is the best bet.

The advancements in technology have allowed oil extractors to improve their profit margins by up to 40 percent. Furthermore, better components make for faster extraction of oil. Nos, according to a report from The New York Times, an oil company based in West Texas can drill for the valuable resource at twice the speed when compared to the old way of doing things.

Not to mention, there’s no need to hire new works for the task, which means businesses can save, which is a way of improving profitability.

Safety enhancements

When it comes down to drilling for oil and anything that has to do with gas and manufacturing, safety is a primary concern. These days with the use of computers, workers are making fewer errors on the site. Furthermore, many workers are no longer required to venture off to dangerous sections of a mine. Robots are now in the field, designed to perform tasks that are hazardous to humans.

As time goes by, technology will leave a huge imprint in the manufacturing and oil industry. Extracting natural resources will soon require a lot of gadgetry, software, and computers and will be lost in the process, but fewer accidents will happen during the course of a year.

At one point, automation required humans to control machines from a remote location. Things have gotten smarter now, with machines doing the hardest work without much involvement from on-site workers.

There are several activists working to end the drilling for oil. Solar and other clean energy options are the replacements. However, technology is proving it can keep oil companies relevant, especially if can make things safer for humans and the environment.

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