Prime Minister Talks with European Parliament President

Borissov talked with European Parliament (EP) President Antonio Tajani in Strasbourg on Tuesday before briefing the EP on the performance of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council, the Bulgarian government press office reported.

Tajani said the priorities of the Bulgarian EU Presidency have been fulfilled successfully. He thanked for the good cooperation between the Council and the EP. "We have worked very successfully with you personally, with your team and the ministers," Tajani told Borissov.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister said the EU Council Presidency did what it had promised to do: it tried to work out consensus between the member states and the institutions even when there were great contradictions. Borissov expressed hope that the development of the Western Balkans will remain a political
priority for the EP. "Our achievements are also your achievements because if we had not worked together, they would have never happened," he said.

Borissov stressed the importance of the projects for infrastructure, transport and digital connectivity in the Balkans, noting that they will ensure security and peace in the region, including with respect to migration.

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani described the first ever Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council (January-June 2018) as successful.

Bulgaria achieved results on key issues for the citizens such as  the cessation of geoblocking, the introduction of electronic cards for university students and the provision of a clear European perspective for the Western Balkans, Tajani said in a statement. He added that more progress is necessary to change asylum rules and deal with the problems of migration.

He urged the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council, which began on July 1, to attach utmost importance to matters of migration. According to Tajani, the Dublin rules should be changed as soon  as possible. Also, more attention should be paid to Africa.

Source: BTA

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