Prime Minister Borissov Urges Bosnia and Herzegovina to Follow Example of Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia in Addressing Its Own Situation

Source: БГНЕС

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told journalists in Sarajevo on Thursday that Sofia, Skopje and Athens have managed to sort out their differences and to sign agreements on good-neighbourliness and on Macedonia's name. "Bosnia and Herzegovina can follow our example and find a solution to its own situation," Borissov said, emerging from a meeting with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denis Zvizdic. The Bulgarian Prime Minister is paying a one-day working visit to Sarajevo.

"Those were not easy decisions for Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece," he further said. He called on the political elites in the Western Balkans to solve their political conflicts in order to achieve membership of the EU and NATO.

Borissov noted: "Bulgaria can serve as a model of ethnic tolerance for Bosnia and Herzegovina. During your elections in October, you have to choose which way to go. We can help you along the way to Europe. Your neighbours count on you because having Bosnia and Herzegovina in the EU means putting up a very strong barrier against radical Islam. So you are important to the EU as well, it is a two-way process."

Zvizdic thanked Bulgaria for everything it has done in the last few years, especially in the last six months while presiding over the EU Council. He said: "We are particularly happy that the Western Balkans remain on the EU agenda, mainly thanks to the efforts of Bulgaria and Prime Minister Borissov. The European perspective is one of the main goals of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the elections in October we intend to submit our bid for the EU. We also hope that the roadmap for our country's accession to NATO is activated in a few months."

Zvizdic added that Bosnia and Herzegovina is working to develop road infrastructure, as recommended by Prime Minister Borissov. He said: "We will also work for security and for countering all types of radicalism and terrorism. We have made progress in all these areas, and although we are busy preparing for elections, we will keep up the momentum in all these areas. The European perspective and the drive to raise living standards remain foremost priorities for us."

"On behalf of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I want to thank for the fact that the European perspective of the Western Balkan countries was a priority of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council. I also want to thank Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who made efforts to ensure that these priorities are upheld by the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council as well," Zvizdic said.

He noted that the European perspective means peace, stability and prosperity for Bosnia and Herzegovina and for the whole region.

Source: BTA

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