Poll: 51% say democracy in Bulgaria is under threat

51% of respondents believe democracy in Bulgaria is under threat, according to a survey by Bulgarian Gallup International polling agency (not related to Gallup Inc.). 65% have heard about the publications in the Western media, which presented Bulgaria as a poor and corrupt country. 82% of the respondents agree with these opinions. A majority of 67% agree that during the EU presidency, party differences should be put aside. Bulgaria’s role as a mediator regarding Turkey is met with mixed reactions: 49% agree that Bulgaria should help Turkey improve relations with the EU, but 42% hold the opposite view, while the rest are unsure. Following the latest statements on the “eurozone waiting room”, 46% of the respondents approve the introduction of the euro in general, while 48% do not.

Amid the latest protests in recent weeks, 38% of Bulgarians are ready to support some form of protest over the topics of last weeks, while 60% are not. Though a minority, this 38% clearly indicates that public tension remains, even against the backdrop of the solemn opening of the EU presidency.

50% of the respondents believe that the murders of recent weeks are rather political in nature, and 37% support the view that they are not.

These are the results of a telephone survey conducted among 801 people on 15 and 16 January.

Source: focus-fen.net

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