Minimum wage to go up in 2014

The compensation for a 1-2 year child may also increase

"It was agreed that the minimum wage will be increased to BGN 340 from January 1, 2014" Minister of Labour and Social Policy Hasan Ademov confirmed. He was attending a conference organised by the largest Bulgarian trade union.


"There is also an idea to raise the compensation for a child aged 1 to 2 years to 340 BGN" he noted.


"We will apply the so-called Swiss rule in determining pensions. From 1 July 2014, every year there will be an adjustment of the pensions by 50% of the insurable earnings and 50% of the inflation" Ademov said.


Ademov also pointed out that Bulgaria has to comply with some of the proposals of the European Commission , one of which is limiting early retirement.

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