International Conference on Computing in High-level and Nuclear Physics Held in Sofia


For the first time ever, Bulgaria is hosting an International Conference on Computing in High-level and Nuclear Physics. The event is on July 9 through 13 at the NDK Convention Centre, bringing together close to 600 scholars and students in the area of computing, said the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

Previous editions of the conference were in San Francsisco (2016), Okinawa (2015), Amsterdam (2013) and New York (2012).

BAS President Academician Julian Revalski said in his opening remarks that BAS has some of the most active research centres in this interdisciplinary area: the Institute of Nuclear Studies and Nuclear Energy, the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. He mentioned the Bulgarian supercomputer which is a leading project in the area of high-productivity computing.

He said that a new centre of excellence in informatics, communications and technologies is about to be built. The project will be coordinated by BAS's ICT Institute.

Bulgaria joins the high-computing initiative of Bulgarian EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, said also Julian Revalski.

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