Skiing at Bansko in Full Swing

All ski trails and skier facilities in Bansko are operational, except for the Platoto trail, Ivan Obreikov, marketing manager for the resort's ski area, told BTA on Friday.

The snow cover at Bansko is fine and getting thicker, thanks mainly to a system of 400 snow guns, Obreikov said. All ski trails have been processed. The "snow highway" linking Bansko with the Bunderishka Polyana ski centre is in excellent condition as well. The facilities are being used by skiers and snowboarders from Bulgaria and many foreign countries, such as Britain, Greece, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia and Romania, Obreikov said.

The managers of the ski area warn that visitors must wear suitable outfits. It is sunny in Bansko on Friday, but temperatures are below freezing. At higher elevations around Mt Todorka and Platoto, the temperature is minus 15-16 degrees Celsius. The mercury is three or four notches higher at Bunderishka Polyana and Shiligarnika. /LI/VE
Source: BTA

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