President Vetoes National Emergency Legislation

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22-03-2020 01:26:36

In a televised address on Sunday, President Rumen Radev announced that he is imposing a partial veto on a national emergency law adopted late on Friday in a bid to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus in Bulgaria. The President said that the lack of resources needed in the battle with COVID-19 in the country is offset by restrictions, which strengthens anxiety and the sense of a crisis among people.

He said that the law attacks "the remnants of free speech" and warned that the cap on prices threatens to block business activity and prevent a long-awaited depreciation of the price of energy resources. Also, he said that he shares the understanding that in trying times the Armed Forces should help society but now they are being entrusted with extraordinary powers without consulting the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the President himself.

He also said that the law has measures which have nothing to do with the combat against COVID-19. The lack of adequate measures will bring about a situation where hunger will prevail over fear and the consequences will be destructive, Radev warned.

He urged the government to reconsider its policy on the most vulnerable and worst affected people. "No battle is won through fear," he said, adding that the total blockade creates more problems than it solves.

Source: BTA

President Rumen Radev