President Radev addresses the nation: The current model of power is exhausted

3E news
15-07-2020 08:14:18

In an official address to the people, aired live on BNT on July 15, President Rumen Radev said the protest was nationwide and united all ages, and that young people had regained faith in the future. The protest is not owned by any leader or party. The mafia feeds on fear and apathy, we must be wise and united, the President said.

The President called for non-violence and provocations. For a week now, thousands of Bulgarians have been in the squares demanding the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor, freedom, law and justice, Radev said.

The mobilization of the Bulgarians is an expression of the national Antimafia consensus, of the determination not to tolerate corruption anymore. This mobilization is a huge historical capital that can change the fate of the country, Rumen Radev added.

Today, our struggle for justice and freedom is in the hands of the people in the protest. This is our common cause, he remarked. According to him, the insulting suggestions that thousands of Bulgarians in the squares have been paid and manipulated, displays arrogance, political helplessness and behind-the-scenes intrigues, lies, slander.

The current model of power is exhausted. The modernization of our country is going through the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor and fair elections, the president added. He reiterated his call on the police and protesters to avoid violence and avoid provocations, so as not to tarnish the just demands of the citizens and waste energy for change

President Radev
addresses the nation