Finance minister, Deputy PM: Government has no intention to resign

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15-07-2020 10:32:26

The government has no intention of resigning, Deputy Prime Minister Krassimir Karakachanov and Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov confirmed today, July 14. They believe that elections should be regular, not early. The ruling party believes the no-confidence vote that the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) intends to submit, will be rejected.

The resignation of the government is not on the agenda, according to the finance minister and the environment minister. Goranov said that those who are demanding the resignation of the cabinet right now want to plunge the country into a political cataclysm.

We intend to do our job and implement our programme, said Vladislav Goranov.

As a member of the Council of Ministers from Borissov's team, I cannot behave in any other way than as part of his team. In the middle of the half time I can't take off the shirt and put on another shirt, commented Emil Dimitrov.

According to finance minister, the political demands of the protesters must be legitimized with proposals for an alternative and point to objective failures of the current government.

He thinks the no-confidence vote requested by BSP will not pass.

Let's see the reasons, this will certainly not be a successful vote, as the partners supporting the government are consolidated around the fact that there is still much to do and we will reject this vote of no confidence, said Vladislav Goranov.

The ministers commented the published official position of the American embassy, with which it supports the Bulgarian people, as balanced.

Vladislav Goranov, Minister of Finance: Extremely correct position, American democracy is one of the oldest democracies in the world and the fact that they affirm the rule of law and the right to protest of everyone is something we share.

A moderate message to the whole society. Firstly, that there must be rule of law, and secondly, that members of the public have the right to express their opinion, and there is nothing more normal than when people think that there are problems to be solved to protest for their solution, said Krassimir Karakachanov.

The Deputy Prime Minister called for hatred not to be instilled among the protesters and for tensions against the police not to escalate.

Source: BNT

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