EWRC receives funds from the government to pay for Bobov Dol TPP

The energy regulator was condemned by the coal-fired power plant over availability tenders

3E news
30-12-2020 07:32:51

The government approved additional expenditures from the budget of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) for 2020 by restructuring the expenditures from the central budget for the same year.

The decree is adopted in view of the need to provide additional expenditures under the EWRC budget for 2020 in order to be able to implement the decision of the Administrative Court-Sofia-city of February 2019, confirmed by a decision of the Supreme Administrative Court of December 2019 by which the EWRC was sentenced to pay to TPP-Bobov Dol EAD compensation for property damages on the grounds of Art. 1, para. 1 of the State and Municipal Liability for Damages Act in connection with the revoked by the SAC as illegal Decision № TE-023 of 29.05.2014, in the part under item 1, of the State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation.

The government press service did not announce the amount of the payment that the EWRC must make. The decision for which the Energy Regulator was convicted is not to allow the coal power plant to be among the power plants participating in the procedures for availability of electricity. The decision was made by the former SEWRC, chaired by Boyan Boev.

TPP-Bobov Dol
Supreme Administrative Court