Electricity Traders Voice Concern Over Increased Frequency of Failures at Kozloduy NPP

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03-12-2019 02:51:56

The Association of Traders in Electricity in Bulgaria (ATEB) Monday voiced concern over the increased frequency of failures of equipment at the Kozloduy nuclear power plant in the second half of 2019. In a letter to Nuclear Regulatory Commission head Luchezar Kostov, the ATEB recalls four cases of unplanned switching off of equipment during the period in question, namely that of Unit 6 on July 3, two circulation pumps on August 1, Unit 5 on November 16, and the generator of Unit 6 last week.

According to the ATEB, it is not normal to have such frequent failures of the NPP's equipment, particularly since these have the biggest generation capacity in the national electricity system that provide the main part of the base load and influence the system's security.

The ATEB demands information about the reasons for the unplanned switching off of equipment, as well as an analysis of the reports on the four cases and the NPP's planned repair programme already implemented.

Source: BTA

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