Bulgarian representatives not invited to the presentation on the state of Cooperation and Verification Mechanism in EP on Sept 10

3E news
10-09-2020 08:09:46

The Committee on Civil Liberties,Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) of the European Parliament (EP) will hear tomorrow (10 September 2020) a presentation by European Commission Vice-President Vera Jurova.

The GERB/EPP group issued a statement saying that “contrary to publications on social networks and Bulgarian websites, this will be neither a debate nor a public hearing, but only a presentation of the current state of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, which affects both Bulgaria and Romania."

According to GERB MEPs, representatives of no institution from the two countries have been invited to this presentation and will not be present, except MEPs.

This is a common practice in such presentations, and only MEPs will be able to speak.

The MEPs from GERB / ​​EPP also announced that the Secretariat of the European Parliament has also specified that they will not invite a representative of the Bulgarian government, because the meeting will mainly discuss the position of the European Commission on the current state of the CVM, which also applies to Bulgaria, and to Romania.


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