PM Borissov: Incomes Will Increase by 10% from 2020 Thanks to Strong Economy

3E news
27-08-2019 12:08:00

"We have a strong economy which will allow us to increase incomes by 10 per cent from 2020 and cover all payments," said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on Monday. He spoke during the opening of a manufacturing facility of a beverage making company in the western town of Kostinbrod.

Under the current government Bulgaria has reported record large exports to Western Europe of nearly 28 billion leva by mid-year alone, said the Prime Minister. He added that an increasing number of companies invest in the real economy with the aim to export to Greece, Serbia, Romania.

Borissov pledged that the road leading to facility will be repaired. "Despite all payments the fiscal reserve is full thanks to the strong economy," said Borissov.

The opinion of the ambassadors of the US and Greece that Bulgaria has a good investment environment is a response to all disapproval, said Borissov. Asked to comment on criticism by President Rumen Radev of the government, Borissov said: "Such a rhetoric isn't befitting for the occasion and the place."

Radev said that Borissov's government had dragged Bulgaria to the bottom of the EU.

Borissov also defended the government's decision to appoint former counter-corruption chief Plamen Georgiev as consul to Spain after President Radev speculated about Borissov's political and personal motives.

Source: BTA