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Bulgarian banks are stable, Interior Minister says

3E news
02-07-2014 10:31:00

”I would like to advise all people to keep their savings in banks. Bulgarian banks are stable,” said Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Tsvetlin Yovchev, speaking with journalists at Parliament, in answer to a question what he would advise people to do and what actions he took to tackle the rise in property crimes, and where they should keep their money, Focus News Agency reported.

”What we witnessed last week was, on the one hand, a result of a deficit in trust in all institutions and, on the other hand, of a really disgusting criminal attack,” Yovchev remarked.

In his words, the institutions reacted quickly and this contributed to decreasing the tension.

He said further other people might be detained this week.

Minister Yovchev stressed they had taken all the necessary actions and there was no rise in property crimes: ”It is early for statistics. Let us not be in hurry as far as these things are concerned.”

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